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New York City currently has the highest number of Feldenkrais Practitioners of any area in the world. The work of Moshe Feldenkrais and the Feldenkrais Method has a long history here, dating back to Dr. Feldenkrais’ “On Awareness” lecture given at New York University in 1973. In addition,the Amherst Feldenkrais training in the 1980’s had many New Yorkers in it, many who began practices in the area.

In New York, there are Feldenkrais practitioners with general practices as well as those who use Feldenkrais for specific purposes such as working with babies and young children; with musicians; with athletes and with adults suffering back pain or injury; with runners; with dancers and other specific groups and issues.

A number of school’s and universities in the the New York area have Feldenkrais Practitioners teaching at them including, New York University, State University of New York at Brooklyn Mannes School of Music, Manhattan School of Music and the 3rd St. Music School.

New York Feldenkrais: Get Updated.

Keep a look out on the blog for listings of classes, workshops and ways to contact Feldenkrais Practitioner’s in New York City: Feldenkrais NY Updates.

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  1. looking for classes . physical therapy in NYC

  2. Good afternoon,

    We are planning a Health & Wellness Expo for Brooks Brothers to be held at their World Headquarters on Madision Ave. The event is scheduled for June 12, 2012 and we are anticipating the attendance of 350+ employees. We are contacting you to see if you would like some information about participating in the event to educate the Brooks Brothers employees on the health benefits to the Feldenkrais Method. Please feel free to contact me via email or at 860.368.8126. I tried to reach your office at the listed telephone number but the message says it is an invalid number. I look forward to speaking with you. Thank you and have a great day!

    Best in Health,


    • Hi Liz – Thanks for your comment. My apologies for the phone not working. I am going to forward your information to some practitioners in NY and see who is interested in getting more info.

      – Ryan

  3. Do you have physical therapy sessions? I have a torn miniscus. Do you accept GHI for co-pays?
    Thank you.

  4. Hi Ryan,

    is this site still happening?
    pls let me know & hope you are having
    fun in Mexico!

    Rachel Potasznik, GCFP, CYT

  5. Trying to locate Nancy Schumacher a practitioner who moved to Long Island NY from Kansas City, MO about 10 years ago. Can you help? To-date, I’ve had no luck. Thank you. Blessings, Susan

  6. Hello – I’m looking for a Feldenkrais practitioner in NYC or Brooklyn. I experienced an overwhelming trauma two years ago, and since that time I am having breathing issues as well as sensation of choking/drowning. I sense I am unnecessarily tensing lots of muscles when I inhale. This may be the reason I now experience laryngospasm (according to the ENT I consulted)
    I developed a paralyzed vocal cord in 2009 when the surgeon who operated on my tumor made a decision to cut and re-attach my left laryngeal nerve. After the surgery I had swallowing trouble, in that liquid would often go down the wrong pipe, so to speak. However, I was easily able to cough up any aspirated liquid on a daily basis. Then, two years ago, at the time of the emotional trauma (mostly an incident of profound terror) I lost the ability to cough up aspirated liquid. It’s possible I tensed so much that the muscles I would normally use to cough are too tight to function properly.
    Since the time of the trauma/terror I developed what appears like convulsions. They’re non-epileptic. I’m fully conscious when the episodes occur. I call them ”snakes”, on account of the snake-like movements of the spine. I retain speech-ability during episodes, and have some ideas about how to be with them in a way that is most helpful.
    I’m seeking a Feldenkrais practitioner who is super super super gentle and conscious/awake who can gently guide me in releasing the unnecessary tensions. I wish to return to proper breathing and swallowing and to dissolve the choking/drowning sensations.
    If you think you can help me, or know of someone who may be able to help me, would you please contact me at miriam.ego at gmail dot com. Thanks so much for reading my lines. If you have ever come across another ”patient” with such presentation and are able to offer me direction or support I’d be most grateful.

  7. If NYC has so many practitioners, then why does the Feldenkreis Finder only list 3?

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