Moshe Feldenkrais On Awareness: The New York University Lecture.

Just doing a little research and noticed information on Dr. Feldenkrais’ lecture at New York University. available for sale on the IFF Materials website. I have not watched it yet, but it has gotten a rave review from Jeff Haller: “On Awareness” Review“.

If you bought this product or if you were there (wouldn’t that have been cool?) would you leave a comment and let me know your thoughts?

cheers – Ryan

  1. The NYU 1973 workshop with Feldenkrais is available to be watched on site for free at Lincoln Ctr. in the NY Public Library Dance Collection. I’ve watched it in segments twice. Intriguing. Searching the NYPL online catalog gives the exact cite. It is looooooooooooong, but very worth well!

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