Moshe Feldenkrais: The Quest Workshop, New York, 1981

The New York Quest Workshop 1981 With Dr. Feldenkrais.

I was about to write a post about “unavailability” of some materials, including the New York Quest Workshop from 1981…but then I realized that is had recently been released. The Quest workshop was one that was passed around in the “underground” for many years – from one practitioner to another – but was never available for sale.

It was part of a series of four public workshops taught by Moshe. They were they last publis workshops that he taught. Several practitioners and trainers have stated that the New York Quest workshop is Moshe’s finest, representing his most evolved and powerful teaching.

Unfortunately, the rights to the workshop are “owned” by a private company – Feldenkrais Resources. I say unfortunately, because I feel strongly that these archival materials should be in the hands of the International Feldenkrais Federation (IFF) and should also be licensed so that more people can have access to them. Regardless, if you want to purchase a copy they come highly recommended and you can do so from Achieving Excellence: Feldenkrias Quest Workshop in New York.

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