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Feldenkrais Exercises Online (For Free)

When the coronavirus shutdown started in March of 2020, Ryan Nagy began posting free feldenkrais exercises on his blog. There are about 15 sessions on there right now, including Feldenkrais exercises for stress reduction, getting rid of back pain, and better breathing.

Many of the sessions are suitable for people new to Feldenkrais. And other sessions are more advanced. The page has a wide variety of sessions many are down in a “traditional” Feldenkrais style while lying on the floor on the back. Others are down while on the side. And several are down while standing.

Overall it is a nice overview of ways to experience Feldenkraisian ideas and to move better and feel better. There are several short YouTube videos on the page as well. Here is the link again if you want to check it out:

Doing Feldenkrais Sessions At Home…

For many years Ryan Nagy (the owner of this Feldenkrais New York website) has been selling downloadable Feldenkrais session on his website that he created while a graduate student. There are a variety of sessions including ones for back pain, TMJ pain, better breathing and improving movement and health in general.