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New York City currently has the highest number of Feldenkrais Practitioners of any area in the world. The work of Moshe Feldenkrais and the Feldenkrais Method has a long history here, dating back to Dr. Feldenkrais’ “On Awareness” lecture given at New York University in 1973. In addition,the Amherst Feldenkrais training in the 1980’s had many New Yorkers in it, many who began practices in the area.

In New York, there are Feldenkrais practitioners with general practices as well as those who use Feldenkrais for specific purposes such as working with babies and young children; with musicians; with athletes and with adults suffering back pain or injury; with runners; with dancers and other specific groups and issues.

A number of school’s and universities in the the New York area have Feldenkrais Practitioners teaching at them including, New York University, State University of New York at Brooklyn Mannes School of Music, Manhattan School of Music and the 3rd St. Music School.

Do Feldenkrais At Home

The owner of this site, Ryan Nagy, was the first person in the world to do Feldenkrais podcasts in early 2007 and he also created some of the top-selling Feldenkrais-based download series, including his Feldenkrais TMJ audio program. He has several free tmj exercises on the site that you can try for free. No need to enter you email. Just click to play on the page above.

He also has the longest running store for Feldenkrais downloads, in continuous service since 2006.