History of Feldenkrais In New York City

I am in the process of recollecting and reposting older posts about Feldenkrais in New York. Please be patient as I collect the info and get it online again? 🙂

Dr. Feldenkrais’ lecture at New York University

Just doing a little research and noticed information on Dr. Feldenkrais’ lecture at New York University. available for sale on the IFF Materials website. I have not watched it yet, but it has gotten a rave review from Jeff Haller: “On Awareness” Review“.

If you bought this product or if you were there (wouldn’t that have been cool?) would you leave a comment and let me know your thoughts?

Dr. Feldenkrais’ Quest Workshop New York City

The New York Quest Workshop was held in 1981, it was one of his last public workshops. It was taught over a 5 day period and he taught 19 Awareness Through Movement lessons as well as many lectures. I have given up posting links to purchase this workshop as it seems to go in and out of availabliity. You may want to simply search “Feldenkrais New York Quest Workshop” on google to see who is currently selling it.